e. Your Website

your website

Every doula business must have a website. In module 3 Practicals this was discussed. So how is your website design going?

If you already have a website, is it a design that is user friendly and effective? Does your website work on mobile devices ie phones, tablets.

Remember that having a website allows you to promote your business 24/7. Without a website you really don’t exist. Families needing a doula are more likely to use one they found online.

Don’t let building a website intimidate you. Keep it simple.

A website is a communication tool. Think about what essential information you need to communicate to potential clients. Each page of your website will be 1 topic of information. These are some basic topics you can include:

– About Me (Tell your story briefly, highlight your strengths)

– Services (List what you do and your fees)

– Schedule (A calendar or list of your availability)

– Hire Me (This is a page to process payments)

– Contact (Phone number, email)

If your website has these basic topics covered than you are off to a great start. Add photos to your pages. Later on you can add more information like client testimonials, a resource list, and whatever you feel is necessary.

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