j. Worry Activity

This activity is a great way to start a class or pick up the energy of a class.

Materials: an inflated balloon, sticky notes, pens, straight pin

Directions: Give participants a sticky note and have them write down one common pregnancy/labor worry on the sticky note

Next have them say what they wrote down out loud and then place their sticky note on the balloon. Now the balloon is covered in sticky notes full of worries.

Make sure no one sees the straight pen; it should be hidden in your hand.

Then say, “This class will ease away or take away your worries away.” At the same time you are saying this pierce the balloon with the straight pin.

– If you push the pin into the balloon directly at the top the air will go out slowly. Do this if you don’t want to be too dramatic or cause a loud sound.

– If you push the pin into the side of the balloon it will burst right away making a popping sound. Do this if you want to be dramatic, wake up the energy in your class, and if you want to hear a loud sound.

worry balloon

Watch Video of Worry Activity

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