labor privacy

Women need privacy to give birth

A much overlooked tool in helping women through birth is providing privacy. This may just be to simple.

When women are undisturbed they are able to let go focus within and allow their bodies to do what they need to do. But when women are disturbed in labor they may feel inhibited and this can slow their labor down.

Allowing a woman privacy does not mean that she is placed in a room to labor alone. Women should not feel abandoned in labor. They should have supportive care by their side to comfort and assist as needed. What each woman needs will vary. And as labor progresses their needs continue to change. Yet women should be able to have space to be left alone, unchecked, and unspoken to when they are in need of such undisturbance. It is this inward state that manages the complex inner movements of labor’s end and brings the birth of baby.

Often called labor land, when a woman reaches an altered consciousness and trance like state. This state is difficult to achieve if women do not feel safe in birth. Many women feel as though they are performing during birth and that they should be doing birth in a certain way.

What is important for pregnant women to understand is no right or wrong way to give birth exists. They should not judge themselves. They must release expectations.

Birth is an in the moment experience.

If women can be given the time and space to be in birth.
If they can own the moment and allow it and trust it.
If they can let go of fear…
They will be amazed at the results…Incredible powerful forces work when women are undisturbed and affirmed in their innate ability to give birth.

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