2. Women Know How to Give Birth

Women are strong, capable, and made to give birth. Every pregnant woman should be told about the power that resides within her body to not only grow a human life, but also to labor and give birth to her child.

The innate power of childbirth that women possess is too often not nurtured and affirmed. Instead many women receive direct and indirect messages that childbirth is something they should fear and that their bodies are inadequate for the task.

Women do not believe they can give birth.

Rare are the circumstances in which a woman who is pregnant cannot labor and give birth to her child.

I encourage women to think about the complexity of the entire process, and I reason that the hard work is actually creating a person, a soul.

Eyebrows and eyelashes and a brain that is … wow!

We do not question that the body can create at human being. The uterus works. It has to or the baby would not be able to develop and grow.

The doubt sets in when we consider birth.

What is birth?

Birth is the uterus opening the cervix and then pushing the baby out through the birth canal or vagina.

Is it possible for a woman’s body to successfully grow a human being for 10 months, but then fail her during the birth process?

So pregnancy works, but birth does not?

Many women are just not aware of their innate ability to give birth.

They want to know can they do it? They ask themselves, “Can I give birth?”

What I know with certainty about birth I share with women everywehere.

“Yes, you can!”

Women know how to give birth!


What messages have you been told or heard of that invalidate or cause you to doubt your ability to give birth?

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