b. Video of Labor Process

You were mailed the booklet Understanding Birth which is used with the website: https://www.injoyonline.com

Open the Understanding Birth booklet to the 1st page and you will find instructions to make an account and access the website on either your phone or through a website portal on your computer.

Note: You can skip entering “due date” by pressing arrow forward

If you are logged into the site simply press links below to access videos quickly, otherwise go to video library located under resources (click for link) and look for the exact titles listed below.

You will have access to this website for only 6 months.

Watch videos in the following order:

1. Braxton Hicks contractions

2. Lightening Animation

3. Mucous Plug Animation

4. Water Breaking Animation

5. Onset of Labor

6. Early Labor

7. Active Labor

8. Pain in Labor

9. Transition Labor

10. Pushing

11. Birth Animation

12. Placenta Animation

13. 4th Stage

Your Task

Post your thoughts about the videos at the CBE Community Page

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