transfer doulas

Transferring from a different doula organization

I already completed a doula workshop

We accept participants who have taken a doula workshop from a different organization, but never completed their certification and now wish to become certified doulas. Your training workshop must have been within the last 3 years; email your attendance certificate from the doula training you took. Pay the transfer fee of $95. Next you would complete all the other requirements of the Doula Certification program, starting with step 2 through step 5.

I am certified with a different organization

You may hold dual certification with CPI or transfer from a different organization. If you are currently a certified doula within the last two years we only require that you document 8 contact hours to become CPI (Childbirth Professionals International) certified and verify assisting at 2 births or providing postpartum support.

Contact hours are accepted from different organizations. Transfer fee is $95. There is no transfer fee if contact hours are from CPI.

1. Complete form documenting birth/postpartum support for 2 families (a link will be emailed)

2. Email a copy of your current doula certificate

3. Email a copy of your contact hours

4. Enroll and pay transfer fee – see form at bottom of page (click)

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