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Top Childbirth Class Booklets to give to parents

Here’s our recommendation for best birth class booklets:

  1. Injoy Birth and Parenting Education
  2. The Family Way
  3. Plumtree Baby
  4. Customized Communications
  5. Mother’s Advocate (free)
  6. Comfort in Labor (free)

Class booklets are an essential component of an excellent childbirth class. They help class participants to retain information and they are also a valuable resource covering information an educator may not have the time to go over in class.

Our top class booklets were selected because they have one or more of the following qualities:

  • Up to date graphics and images
  • Available in Spanish
  • Includes evidence-based and up to date information
  • Reasonably priced per booklet
  • Easy to integrate into class curriculum

Learn more about these booklets by contacting the publisher and also visiting their websites. A preview or sample copy of the booklets are sometimes available for review at the publisher’s website. Also, if you contact them directly they may send you a hard copy.

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