Tip #5 to become a Childbirth Educator – Decisions


Which training program fits your goals as a childbirth educator?

As you pursue becoming a childbirth educator you should consider which childbirth organization certification program aligns best with your goals.

More than one program may be suitable and you can be double or triple certified. Although, some organizations have rules against multiple certifications, it just doesn’t make sense to ban knowledge. The more trained you are as a childbirth educator would only benefit the pregnant families that you serve.

Any organization that would limit your knowledge or limit what you can teach to others has missed the intent of childbirth education…

Also consider your return on investment…meaning how much do you have to pay to obtain certification and then how long will it take to recoup the money that you’ve spent. Think about what are the real benefits that you gain from the fees.

Common childbirth organization fees

  • Yearly membership fee
  • Certification enrollment fee
  • Testing fee
  • Study packet materials fee
  • Forms processing fee
  • Recertification fee

The best childbirth educator training organizations and certification programs will be responsive to your needs. They will be practical, comprehensive, increase your confidence, and build your teaching skills.

Evaluate how the program can help you build not just your career, but your business as a childbirth professional.

And what is the culture of the organization…does it fit with your own philosophy.

There are many ways to gain the knowledge and skill set that you need to become an amazing and effective childbirth educator so don’t feel that you have to stick with the first pathway or organization that you choose. Think of it as dating…you know when it’s right and you know when it’s not.

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