Tip #3 to become a Childbirth Educator – See Births

see births

To become an amazing childbirth educator you should begin observing women giving birth.

If you can start with attending the births of your family and friends. Also, use internet resources like social media sites to see videos, pics, and read stories of birthing women.

Birth is powerful, perfect, pleasing and so much much more that only participating in birth will enable you to learn what you must know to be a wonderful childbirth educator…

See below extraordinary birthing moments

Wow the moment of birth is spectacular…#birthisawesome #birthisamazing #Waterbirth #

A photo posted by @birtheducators on

A photo posted by @birtheducators on

This is an amazing beautiful birth #Waterbirth #homebirth #midwife

A photo posted by @birtheducators on

A photo posted by @birtheducators on

Birth bliss!!! So powerful… #naturalbirth #midwife #birthisamazing #birthisawesome

A photo posted by @birtheducators on

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