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Threat of Mentoring


doula mentor

The field of childbirth needs more mentors.  In order to have superb Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants, and so forth, there must be experienced professionals willing to mentor and train them.

Aspiring Childbirth Professionals will change the tide of the childbirth experience as we know it. Imagine when every woman in America has her own personal midwife.

Today if every woman wanted a midwife they could not have one.  There simply are not enough midwives to provide care.  Childbirth Professionals should not feel threatened by those seeking to enter this field.  Aspiring midwives and doulas are not seeking to take away clients.  There are enough childbearing families for us all.

It is so important that Childbirth Professionals work together to create more opportunities for others to be successful in this field.

Steps to get started mentoring:

  1. List specific ways you can assist another Childbirth Professional such as providing advice, job leads, a chance to shadow you.
  2. Find a suitable candidate to mentor through doula, childbirth educator, midwifery, and breastfeeding organizations.
  3. Set-up a schedule and time frame for mentoring to start and end.

For more information about mentoring read Mentoring and Sharing Knowledge, a chapter from the book Called to the Childbirth Profession.