1. This is Your Journey

In the moment you discover you’re pregnant your existence changes. Your body now contains another heart, mind, and soul.

Without human effort your body begins a transformation to nurture and grow a child. At the beginning of your pregnancy you may feel ambivalent, scared and unsure, wondering if you have what you need to travel along this journey — pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

I have taught childbirth classes for over two decades, and it is my intention in sharing what I know to be true about birth, that you take the time to reflect and consider all that pregnancy and birth can be. The thoughts and information shared upon these pages are for you — a first time mother to be, a woman with other children, or a woman with grand children.

You will find a perspective through reading these pages about birth not often shared. In this book you will begin to understand more about your body, gain confidence in the birth process, and be able to let go of fear.

This is your journey…

Embrace it

Explore it.

Own it.

Mourn it.

Share it.

I am taking the time to pen what I know about birth that women may be empowered. Women possess a pure power — to grow and give birth to a human life. No other method of making people exists except childbirth.

The chapters of this book are written in a concise format and can be read in any order. This book is written to stimulate your personal understanding, reflection, and discussion about birth. In each chapter you will find questions for reflection, topics for discussion, and suggestions for action.

I am sharing what I know about giving birth with you, but you too must explore your own understanding, thoughts, and fears about birth, recognizing the knowledge you hold within to give birth.

Limited references and resources will be shared. Instead, you will be encouraged to search out your own references, facts, and resources about birth. The most important source about birth is you.

Pregnancy and birth are a part of you — participate in the process. In this journey of understanding how to give birth, you will at times be referred back to Y-O-U.


This will be the most important part of the process — to ponder:

What do you know about birth?

What do you need for birth?

What do you desire for the birth of your baby?

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