making noise during birth

How to teach Vocalization for Childbirth

making noise during birthWomen facing the intensity of contractions might find it easier to cope if they are able to vocalize and make low moaning sounds. To make noise or be vocal through labor is a helpful coping technique.  Women should not be discouraged or told to be quiet if they begin to make noise during their labor.

A simple way to teach or encourage vocalization is by having the mother take a breath in and as she exhales she makes the sound of a letter such as H.

You try it.

Take a breath in and as you exhale make the “H” sound or “Haa…”

  • Next inhale and as you exhale try “U” or “Uh…”
  • Now inhale and as you exhale try “M” or “Mmm…”
  • And inhale and as you exhale try “A” or “Ahh…”
  • Lastly inhale and as you exhale try “O” or “Oh…”

Was there a particular sound or letter that you preferred or liked better? Remember that low sounds work best to progress labor. A woman in labor making high, panicked tones should be encouraged to switch and try low controlled moans.

It is sometimes helpful if a support person makes eye contact with her and guides her to making low tones. This may mean the support person is vocal right along with the mother, which is some cases is a great help to her.

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