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Teach Childbirth Classes in Your Home

As a certified childbirth educator you can make an excellent income teaching classes independently in your home. For the last ten years I have taught in my home and have loved the work that I do. At the same time I have also taught at the local hospital in my community, so you don’t have to choose teaching independently over teaching at a hospital. You can do both! That will maximize your income. Here are a few reasons why you should think about teaching in your home:

1. You have the ability to completely inform and empower pregnant families having no restrictions upon what you teach and share.

2. You can earn a great income.

3. You have the flexibility to change the format of your class at anytime.

4. You gain the amazing indescribable opportunity to guide women and their families through one of life’s greatest transitions.

5. Teaching independently gives you an unfounded awareness of your talents and strengths. The experience will fill you with incredible confidence and satisfaction.

Teaching childbirth classes in your home is enriching and rewarding…It just doesn’t get any better! Learn step by step read the post: How to start teaching childbirth classes in your home”


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