Certified Childbirth Educator Program Comments


Velda who completed the program wrote I would like to state that the certification process that I have gone through in the last eight weeks has been an amazing journey of in-depth learning. This has provided me the following statements to share: 1) I have been taken through a mirrored reflection journey of the “knowledge” … Read moreCertified Childbirth Educator Program Comments

Tip #5 to become a Childbirth Educator – Decisions

Which training program fits your goals as a childbirth educator? As you pursue becoming a childbirth educator you should consider which childbirth organization certification program aligns best with your goals. More than one program may be suitable and you can be double or triple certified. Although, some organizations have rules against multiple certifications, it just … Read moreTip #5 to become a Childbirth Educator – Decisions

Free Childbirth Educator Online Training Study Modules

study modules

Anyone seeking to become a childbirth educator can start now using the free Childbirth Professionals International study modules. Take childbirth educator workshop to gain practical skills to teach fun inspiring birthing classes. Meet our expert trainers and gain their personal insights to build an amazing career. Optional complete certification program. Instructions – before you start … Read moreFree Childbirth Educator Online Training Study Modules