12. Career Pathways for Childbirth Educators

Objectives: List available avenues to success in the childbirth profession Create a plan to achieve a thriving career Study Called to the Childbirth Profession: Opportunities for Doulas, Birth Educators, and You by Donyale Abe A. The Childbirth Profession Career descriptor Who are childbirth professionals Roles of childbirth professionals The work of childbirth professionals B. Career … Read more12. Career Pathways for Childbirth Educators

5. Postpartum

Use this outline to guide your study and reading. You should know the concepts outlined.  Tip: Write down or type up your understanding of everything outlined for your own records. Objectives: List warning signs of postpartum period Understand postpartum physical and emotional changes Describe how to treat postpartum discomforts Study Book – Pregnancy, Childbirth, and … Read more5. Postpartum