training birth educators

Tips on how to become a childbirth educator

Childbirth education is an extraordinary profession. Words can’t describe how amazing the work is that childbirth educators are privileged to carry out in preparing pregnant women and their families for the birth of their babies. I’m confident that you’ve found your pathway to a career that will bring you immense joy… Tips to becoming a[…]

5. Teach class evaluated by experienced birth educator

Now you will bring all the tasks that you have completed together in the final task of teaching your very own childbirth class. This class will be evaluated by an experienced childbirth educator. The educator can be trained by any organization as long as they have been teaching childbirth 18 months or longer. The class[…]

3. Observe a Childbirth Class

Contact a childbirth educator in your area and ask if you can observe classes. Try to observe at least 3 classes. Finding a childbirth class – Call your local hospital and ask if you can observe class or pay to attend a class – Ask doulas in your area if they know of classes –[…]

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