12. Career Pathways for Childbirth Educators

Objectives: List available avenues to success in the childbirth profession Create a plan to achieve a thriving career Study Called to the Childbirth Profession: Opportunities for Doulas, Birth Educators, and You by Donyale Abe A. The Childbirth Profession Career descriptor Who are childbirth professionals Roles of childbirth professionals The work of childbirth professionals B. Career … Read more12. Career Pathways for Childbirth Educators

Free Childbirth Educator Online Training Study Modules

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Anyone seeking to become a childbirth educator can start now using the free Childbirth Professionals International study modules. Take childbirth educator workshop to gain practical skills to teach fun inspiring birthing classes. Meet our expert trainers and gain their personal insights to build an amazing career. Optional complete certification program. Instructions – before you start … Read moreFree Childbirth Educator Online Training Study Modules

Free Childbirth Education Materials

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We want to let you know about companies that provide free movies, handouts, and teaching tools for childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, and other professionals.¬†¬†Join our email list to receive notice of new resources. Childbirth Professionals – Handouts we really love and use for our classes Nine Months that Made You – Free birth … Read moreFree Childbirth Education Materials