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Mom of three completes online doula course


Congratulations to Mishka B who recently completed the online doula course. It was a pleasure to connect with her. Although the course is conducted virtually, students and the instructor are able to share and exchange ideas.

The course contains 15 modules that are self paced. Once complete students can receive certification by completing the additional steps.

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fun training

Workshop Fun

It is our pleasure to travel around the globe providing training workshops for Childbirth Professionals. We get the amazing opportunity to meet dedicated and passionate professionals that serve pregnant women and their families.

Our workshops are a mix of information, inspiration, and practical guidance to begin working on your certification or take those next steps in your career as a birth professional.  We give you the tools to empower childbearing women everywhere.

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Doula Training Workshop

How to find clients after your Birth Doula training

So you attended a Birth Doula Training and are inspired to begin helping families, but how do you find the pregnant families that need your services? It is easier than you think.


Start by asking your friends and family members if they could recommend your services to pregnant families. Look within your local community if you are part of a group i.e. church, school, fitness club, then make an announcement of your services to the group. Also, don’t be shy to just approach someone within the group that is pregnant and tell her about your skills and offer your services.

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