square payment

Our Picks for Processing Payments

Square and Paypal are two simple payment processing systems that we at CPI have used successfully and can recommend. Square works with your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or even iPod.  It is also possible to process a payment through the Square website.  The fees are reasonable and best of all the money is usually transferred[…]

doula business advice

Doula Business Advice on Policies

What are your policies to guide and effectively run your business? You know the saying when doing business, “Put it in writing.”  It is so true.  As you build your birth business it is important to plainly state in writing your fees, services, and policies. Business flows well when the buying and selling parties are[…]

tablet computer

Tablets or smart phones can organize your Doula Business

  Tablet computers are an extraordinary tool for operating a Doula business.  A tablet can take video, audio, and photos which capture the moments of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Also, a tablet computer can be used as a sheet of paper to write down a client’s labor progress. It allows Doulas to make their business[…]