Midwifery Conference

Free Conference for Midwifery Day

Wow…just found out about an excellent free virtual conference for childbirth professionals. Click Here! It is the Virtual International Day of Midwifery Conference.

May 5th of 2014 celebrate the 6th annual conference which starts at 10:00 am New Zealand time. Sessions run every hour for 24 hours. All the sessions are recorded and you can listen at anytime.

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Rock New Years

14 Ways Birth Professionals Can Rock New Years

1. Get Inspired

It is hard to give to others what you don’t have. Take some essential me time and do whatever inspires you.  See a concert, an art exhibit, or a Broadway Musical.

Take a hike or go to the ocean. Light some candles, play your favorite songs, and quietly reflect on the highs of your year.

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Called to the Childbirth Profession

Great Reviews for Called to the Childbirth Profession

Much thanks to all that have purchased and read our new book, Called to the Childbirth Profession.

This book is the first A to Z guide to the childbirth profession. It is written to inspire both new and seasoned professionals.

The book has received excellent reviews at Amazon.com. Here are some of the thoughts that readers have shared:

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doula business tools

Google Voice a tool for Birth Professionals

You know about Google and gmail, but have you tried Google Voice?

Google Voice is currently a free phone number provided to you through your Google account. You are able to select your area code and pick from a selection of phone numbers.

Google Voice is an excellent tool for those who want a separate phone number for their doula or other birth business, without the additional cost.

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I will be blogging about my career journey as a birth professional with its highs and lows, its twists and turns. I invite you to follow me on this journey.

One lesson I have been learning is to focus the work that I do.  This has made me happy and effective.  I use to serve on the a professional board and I was editor of the a peer reviewed journal. In addition I worked for two different hospitals teaching childbirth classes, prenatal yoga, and I also taught private childbirth classes in my home, while mentoring other childbirth educators.

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