Childbirth Educator Training online course

online course option

Complete certification program training as a childbirth educator in 12 weeks. Cohort option let’s you work with other professionals.

Teach Childbirth Classes in Your Home

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As a certified childbirth educator you can make an excellent income teaching classes independently in your home. For the last ten years I have taught in my home and have loved the work that I do. At the same time I have also taught at the local hospital in my community, so you don’t have … Read moreTeach Childbirth Classes in Your Home

Childbirth Educator Job Description

childbirth educator job

Childbirth educator job position description, salary range expectations, education summary. Information detailing the work and responsibilities of CPI certified childbirth educators.

Kaua’i Birth Educator Workshop

It is fabulous synergy to be called to facilitate a workshop in the beautiful island of Kaua’i. The Childbirth Educator Training will be held at “Kaua’i Home Birth”, an amazing midwifery group that is empowering the women of Kaua’i and their families. They have birthing suites which are more like homes, with queen size beds, … Read moreKaua’i Birth Educator Workshop