Tip #1 to become a Childbirth Educator – Attend training

Are you considering becoming a childbirth educator? You should do it! I have been a childbirth educator for almost 20 years, but it seems like days because the work is amazingly wonderful. I forget that I work all the time! Being a childbirth educator is not your typical job…You get to inspire families and make[…]

Understanding Birth

I might switch the booklet I use to teach birth classes

I really love the childbirth class teaching book Understanding Birth from Change is difficult, but the booklet is so well done that after a few more test runs using it to teach my classes I believe that I am going to make a switch. I had been giving students a booklet that I wrote[…]

sacramento birth classes

How to start teaching childbirth classes in your home

It is very easy to begin a business teaching childbirth classes in your home. The following are a few steps you can take to get started: Conduct an internet search to find out what childbirth educators are already doing in your city. What prices do they charge? What topics do they teach? How long are[…]