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For success as a Doula understand the clients you work best with…

The truth is every woman should have a Doula at her birth, but not every Doula is a match for every woman. That’s okay.

Doula work is so intimate and it is so personal. You get emotionally involved experiencing highs and lows.

It’s right to want something from the work that you do. It is not wrong to have a motive. Doulas receive that priceless satisfaction when we support families through birth. However, sometimes when you are not rightly matched to a pregnant woman you experience dissatisfaction.

Look back upon those clients that you connected with in the past and assess what qualities helped you work best.

If you are just beginning your work as a Doula, then consider the type of personalities that you usually connect well with.

It’s not always about the personality there are other factors involved in the right Doula match such as:

  • Life values
  • Birth philosophy
  • Personal habits i.e. smoking, hygiene
  • Physical barriers i.e. weight, height
  • Clients family members
  • Neediness
  • Communication issues

Keep in mind the first meeting with pregnant families is for both you and them.  It is okay to politely refuse or come up with a scheduling issue if you assess that you will not be a good match for a pregnant woman and her family.

Your work will renew and revive your for years to come when you work with the right individuals.

Don’t let your work as a Doula get old. Protect your passion. Build a network of sister Doulas that you can refer families to that you aren’t a match for. As well join or form a Doula collective where together you can offer Doula speed dating events. When you participate in these versus as an individual meeting there is less pressure to take a client on.

And if you some how take on a client, but later come to realize that you are not a match, then as soon as possible let them know in the most professional way.

Happy Doula ing


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