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Study Modules for Childbirth Educator Certification Program

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Anyone seeking to become a childbirth educator can start now using the free Childbirth Professionals International study modules.

Take childbirth educator workshop to gain practical skills to teach fun inspiring birthing classes. Meet our expert trainers and gain their personal insights to build an amazing career.

Optional complete certification program.

Instructions – before you start

Modules are updated with new information childbirth educators should know.

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  • Anyone can use the modules.
  • Each module has an outline of concepts you should read about and understand thoroughly.
  • Each module has an assignment to complete to verify your knowledge.
  • Only participants from childbirth educator training workshops have access to the assignments.
  • Take childbirth educator workshop online or face to face to learn practical teaching skills.


We have sincerely thought about how best to prepare you as a childbirth educator. Being able to afford your training is important to us. We recommend three books.

One $10-$15 Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

— A comprehensive guide. You will have enough knowledge to begin teaching based upon this book.

Two $95 The Educator’s Guide by Amis and Green

— Teaching strategies and class outlines. Great template to build your classes upon.

Three $30 Called to the Childbirth Profession: Opportunities for Doulas, Birth Educators, and You

— Advice and practicals on how to find success. Build your career for the long haul.

Program Outcomes

  • Understand evidence-based childbirth health care and how to empower childbearing families
  • Understand strategies to concisely effectively teach and reach instigating transformation
  • Understand unlimited opportunities for the trajectory of your career as a childbirth professional

12 Study Modules

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1. Informed Decisions for Childbirth

2. Teaching Strategies for Childbirth Classes

3. Pregnancy Health and Nutrition

4. Understanding Labor and Giving Birth

5. Postpartum

6. Coping Relaxation Skills for Childbirth

7. Complications in Childbirth

8. Childbirth Medications and Interventions

9. Breastfeeding

10. Newborns

11. Fatherhood

12. Career Pathways for Childbirth Educators