r. Study Module #9 Breastfeeding

Use this outline to guide your study and reading. You should know the concepts outlined. Tip: Write down or type up your understanding of everything outlined for your own records.


  • Understand breast anatomy and how the body makes breast milk
  • List breastfeeding challenges and strategies to manage them
  • Specify benefits of exclusive breastfeeding first six months


Book – Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn 2016 edition

  • Chapter 19, “Feeding Your Baby”, p 388
  • Chapter 20, “When Breastfeeding Becomes Challenging”, 420


A. Understanding Breastfeeding

  1. Benefits
  2. Concerns
  3. Breast anatomy
  4. Montgomery glands
  5. Colostrum
  6. How breast milk is made

B. Composition of Breast Milk

  1. Nonnutritive qualities
  2. Water
  3. Fats
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Proteins
  6. Vitamins and minerals

C. Breastfeeding Basics

  1. Breastfeed soon after birth
  2. Keep baby skin to skin
  3. Breast crawl  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2blj4iRWHk
  4. Football hold
  5. Cradle hold
  6. Cross cradle hold
  7. Lying down position
  8. Choose or change position for comfort
  9. First day challenges
  10. Latch

D. When to Feed Baby

  1. Baby roots
  2. Hands in mouth
  3. Mouth/tongue movements
  4. Groggy not deeply asleep

E. Feeding Patterns

  1. Feeding pattern first days
  2. Feeding pattern first weeks
  3. Feeding pattern first months
  4. Knowing baby is getting enough breastmilk

F. Nursing Concerns

  1. Breast fullness/engorgement
  2. Sore nipples
  3. Infection
  4. Leaking
  5. Plugged ducts
  6. Mastitis

G. Expressing Milk

  1. Hand expression
  2. Pumping
  3. Storing breastmilk
  4. Heating breastmilk
  5. Using a bottle

H. Breastfeeding Challenges

  1. Cesarean birth
  2. Premature baby
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Tandem nursing
  5. Breastfeeding multiples
  6. Breastfeeding while ill
  7. Breastfeeding taking medications

I. Other Breastfeeding Concerns

  1. Six months exclusive breastfeeding recommended
  2. Nutrition while breastfeeding
  3. Working and breastfeeding
  4. Going to school and breastfeeding
  5. Relactation
  6. Breastfeeding and fertility
  7. Nursing past one (read Fact Sheet)
  8. Weaning


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