o. Study Module #1 Informed Decisions for Childbirth

Use this outline to guide your study and reading. You should know the concepts outlined. Tip: Write down or type up your understanding of everything outlined for your own records.


  • Describe the value of informed consent to families
  • List differences in models of care
  • Understand how to create an effective birth plan


Book – Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn 2016 edition

  • Chapter 1, “You’re Having a Baby!”, page 1
  • Chapter 2, “So Many Choices”, page 8
  • Chapter 8, “Planning for Birth and Postpartum”, page 142


A. Impact of childbirth

  1. Birth as lifetime memory
  2. Rite of passage

B. Informed consent terms

  1. Informed decision
  2. Informed choice
  3. Informed consent
  4. Informed refusal
  5. Shared decision making

C. Choices for giving birth

  1. Freestanding birth center
  2. Hospitals
  3. Homebirth
  4. Types of care providers
  5. Choosing and changing care providers

D. Models of care

  1. Midwifery model of care
  2. Medical model of care
  3. Steps to a satisfying birth

E. Birth planning

  1. Benefits of birth plans
  2. Nurses and birth plans
  3. Self reliant approach to care
  4. Caregiver reliant approach to care
  5. Birth plan topics
  6. Postpartum plan


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