Love my job as doula

Strategies for success as a birth professional

I absolutely love the work that I am called to do…it fits me so well. What about you?

These are strategies to discovering your personal career pleasure.

Assess Your Career

You know the old saying you can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re at…

Which one of these describes where you are at in your career?

  • I am loving my career
  • I’m content
  • Some parts I like some I don’t
  • My career needs adjusting
  • I’m bored
  • I’m burnt out
  • I’m stuck
  • I don’t make enough money
  • I’m done
  • I don’t know
  • I’ve got a different answer

Be bold in your career

Ask yourself what are you holding on to?
What are you doing now that you don’t like doing?
Do you feel passion about the work you do?
If you can’t say yes I feel passionate then you shouldn’t be doing it.

Are you wondering if you heard me correctly…

Yes you did!


Responsibly if you can…give your 2 week notice.
But you must quit any work that drains you, isn’t fun, doesn’t excite you, and doesn’t inspire you…

You’re not where you are supposed to be. You are definitely being called else where. Won’t you listen. I don’t know where you are being called, but I know that you are…don’t miss the opportunity.

You can’t reach where you are truly meant to be if you won’t allow it.

If you hold on too tightly to what you are doing in your career right now, then you are blocking the space for what is to come next…Clear that space out.

Be bold and you’ll see amazing results…

You only get one chance to live.

Don’t let your fears, excuses, or people stand in your way…

You should fear regret and missing out on the opportunities waiting for you.

Create a career journey

Honestly complete these statements

  • My interests are…
  • My highest skills are…
  • My passions are…
  • My dreams are…
  • My purpose is…

Now review over what you wrote down…keep working on the answers and they will be your guide to reach for what’s waiting for you next.

Know that your education, your employment, and all professional opportunities should:

  • Fit your interests
  • Use your highest skills
  • Stir your passions
  • Ignite your dreams
  • Serve your purpose

Follow these strategies:

  1. Assessment
  2. Boldness
  3. Create a Career Journey

And experience the career pleasure that’s yours to claim!

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