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Doula Self Care Tip is Embrace Fall

Happy Fall!

It’s a transitional time of the year. We observe the changes in the leaves, the temperature, and the length of days (depending on where you live.) But what about you personally as a childbirth professional, as a pregnant woman, or as a mom…Are you embracing fall as the season suggests and letting go?

Fall is a great time to focus and become aware of what your needs are. Too often women that care for others ignore their own need to be cared for.

Not this fall…in this moment think about one way you can let go — One way that you can F-A-L-L.


  • Drop a meeting
  • Take a relaxing class i.e. yoga, dance
  • Let one of your chores or errands go
  • Listen to some of your favorite songs and take a bubble bath
  • Drop a volunteer commitment
  • Do what feels good for you
  • Listen to your body, mind, and spirit

Now post a status update with how you are going to F-A-L-L

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