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Steps to a profitable doula business

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To build your Birth Business begin with vision.

Vision is seeing what does not yet exist.  What do you visualize for your Childbirth Business?

As your vision unfolds consider the following:

Clients — Who do you see as the clients you will serve?  Where do your clients live?

Energy — What type of energy will your business project to others? Receive from others?

Space — Will your business need a physical space?

Business Operations — What is the routine of your business, how will it operate day-to-day?

Profit — What type of profits will your business have?

When you have vision you see success.  Vision will make you business soar.

A persistent and tenacious spirit are equally important to your success. The obstacles of life come easy and squelch vision, but when you possess the attitude that won’t give up, then amazing things happen.

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