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How to start teaching childbirth classes in your home

It is very easy to begin a business teaching childbirth classes in your home. The following are a few steps you can take to get started:

Conduct an internet search to find out what childbirth educators are already doing in your city. What prices do they charge? What topics do they teach? How long are their classes?

Select a clean workable space in your home where you can hold classes.

Decide what essential supplies you would need to start teaching, such as posters, pelvis model, birth balls, DVDs, etc. (read post)

Create or hire someone to design a website to promote your classes.

Write your class curriculum and create interesting names for the classes that you will offer.

Create or purchase a class book or handouts for your students.

Decide what dates and times will work best to hold your classes on.

Decide what prices to charge. Read Increase Your Fees and Get Paid What You’re Worth

Set-up an easy registration process so that families can pay you and sign up for your classes. We use a combined method of a registration form like, for easy payments and Google Calendar for availability see our birth class page.

Send email confirmations to your paid participants.

Get ready for your first class and enjoy teaching and making an income.

If you are not yet confident in your teaching, take our Childbirth Educator Workshop. Click to learn more.

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