Doula Workshop

Start a Doula Program

Childbirth Professionals International can assist your hospital, birth center, or local community group to develop a program to provide doula care to pregnant women and their families.

Many hospitals in the United States have successful doula programs using one or a combination of the following models:

  • Hospital managed free volunteer doula program
  • Hospital managed out of pocket paid doula program
  • Partnership with local community doula program
  • Families self select their own private doula

Examples of Hospital Doula Programs

Consultant Services

Assistance with the start or growth of doula programs:

  • Proposal preparation
  • Program development
  • Program management
  • Volunteer recruitment and screening
  • Training and certification program (click for info)

Doulas provide important care as part of the health team. Doula care has the following benefits for women giving birth:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Shortens labor
  • Reduces labor pain
  • Reduces need for medication
  • Reduces need for vacuum/forceps
  • Reduces cesarean birth
  • Increase overall satisfaction with birth experience

“Everything about birth is better when a doula is present.”

Read “The Evidence for Doulas” by Rebecca L. Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN Click to read.

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