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Birth Professionals Share Your Career Story in New Book

Called to ChildbirthOur audience would like to hear all about your career journey as a childbirth professional. Revision of the CPI book Called to the Childbirth Profession is currently in production and will release July 2018.  This is your opportunity to tell the birthing world about your path — many professionals can grow from knowing how you got where your are so far.

We are looking for unique roles in the childbirth profession. Especially, professionals that have built a thriving business, website, or social media network.

Apologies to doulas and childbirth educators those roles are already represented.

Submissions published will receive a free copy of the ebook, “Called to the Childbirth Profession” when it’s released in July 2018.

deadline is May 5, 2018 to Submit Your Story

Inspire us with the brief story of how you’ve gotten to where you are by answering the questions below.

2018 Book Submissions

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