b. Self Care

When is the last time you went shopping for yourself?

Self care is not just the basics like hygiene, although that’s so important. Self care is also dressing well not just clothes, but jewelry, hair, nails, shoes, make-up…every detail says that I care about myself.

When you care about yourself, then you can care about others. You will have more to give. And people feel and sense that energy when they meet you.

Shopping may seem trivial, and even stressful, but in finding the right outfit, shoes, and accessories there lies a path to inspiration.

You just have a euphoric feeling when you shop and find what’s right for you…it can be a bit of a drug.

Take this step on the path to inspiration and shop for yourself. Find beautiful clothes and items you love; that make you look good and feel good. Splurge a little.

This investment in yourself will help you do your work better!

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