f) Scheduling

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Be wise about your doula schedule. Consider how many clients can you manage effectively each month.

I would encourage you to plan your schedule out 6-12 months at a time. Include your vacation time and important events.

Post your schedule at your website, Facebook page, or have it typed on a document.

This will become a tool to market your services. Families comparing doulas in the middle of the night on the internet can see availability on your calendar and that can place you at the top of their list.

There are many tools to post your schedule online.

We like using Google calendar, because you can embed the calendar into your website. However, you can definitely keep it simple by just posting the dates. Example:

Available for doula clients

  • Jan – All
  • Feb – Not available
  • Mar – All
  • Apr – Not available
  • May – Taking clients due after May 15

Balance scheduling clients due dates using your intuition, perhaps leaving an 8-10 day buffer between clients.

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