role childbirth educator

Role and Scope of Childbirth Educator

role childbirth educator

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Role and Scope of Childbirth Educator

CPI childbirth educators facilitate comprehensive learner centered classes. Our core tenant: “knowledgeable about options, empowered to give birth.”™

The focus of the childbirth educator is to facilitate understanding, awareness, and reflection on a wide range of topics increasing a student’s knowledge of reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, infant development and care, and breastfeeding. Research shows that birth outcomes are improved when expecting families have attended childbirth classes. Childbirth education serves as one component of prenatal health care.

Childbirth educators practice in diverse settings ie hospitals, physician offices, community centers, homes.  Childbirth education programs and classes should be designed to reach a wide demographic of expecting families. Language, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, culture, class, physical ability, level of education and so forth should not be a barrier to childbirth education.

Completion of certification by an educator shows proficiency and knowledge of reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Certification also demonstrates that curriculum development, group facilitation, and presentation skills were acquired.

Providing medical opinion or care is beyond the role  and scope of childbirth educators.


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