Relax Melodies

Relaxation Music and White Noise Apps for Moms and Babies


Relax Melodies Lullabies Relax Baby Lullabies

The following apps we highly recommend for anyone that needs help to relax, destress, and be soothed to sleep. In fact whether you work with pregnant moms as a doula, or you are a mom with a new baby, and even if you are a dad just managing life, these apps will meet the needs of everyone.

They play white noise, relaxing songs, and a range of nature sounds. Try the apps out and investigate the features. They have timers that can be set. And a nice feature is the ability to use your other apps while the sounds still play.

The apps are free so you have everything to gain by giving them a try. For a small fee you can lose the ads and also gain more wonderful sound additions to your library.

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