l. Reading


Take the time to read to find inspiration. It doesn’t matter what you read blog posts, magazines, books, newspapers, etc. You’ll be surprised where you find inspiration.

I read the Sunday newspaper and love the business section where often I find the personal stories of a business women in my city that started from nothing to build a successful brick and mortar or online business. Those stories motivate me.

It doesn’t have to just be business focused. I just started studying ancient Korean history and learned how they stored placentas of royalty and nobles. This made me reflect on how old birth practices are…I’m still thinking about that.

You can read about gardening…that’s interesting because it makes me think about how food grows and ripens which is similar to the womb ripening.

Just read a book for fun! Enjoy a romance, thriller, sci-fi.

When you have fun that builds your self nurturing reserves…then you’ll have more to give to your doula business.

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