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A Question About Cesarean Surgery



Does your doctor stitch or close the uterine incision in one layer or two layers?

The two layer method has been used the longest with some risk to uterine rupture with a future pregnancy. The single layer method which shortens surgery time has been thought to increase uterine rupture more than the traditional method and also cause serious complications, such as placenta accreta, when the placenta attaches too deep and too firm into the uterus, or placenta percreta, when the placenta grows through the uterine wall and sometimes into nearby organs.

The question is does the surgical method used for uterine closure cause additional risk or not for future vaginal births? Currently, there is not enough research to show a strong enough link, just anecdotal observations from doctors and midwives.

Is it feasible for pregnant women to know enough about cesarean surgery to question the method a doctor uses for uterine closure?

How can pregnant women prepare best for vaginal birth understanding clearly that their first birth will impact their long term health and future births?

It is not true once a cesarean always a cesarean; however achieving a VBAC has social/political, emotional, and physical obstacles.

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