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I was debating whether to share, but many of you have been with me 10 years since I started as a trainer. Thank you! Time flies 🙂 I know that some of you are interested in what’s going on with me. Here’s a follow-up in case you were wondering what happened after I graduated last year with my Masters degree.

The good news… the midwifery program that’s been my dream to start, is moving forward. The target date is Fall 2019, the first 3 year Midwifery Program in California will be available at American River College. Hooray!

The other stuff, well life has been really hard. I moved to Massachusetts, and you can see the photo I packed up and moved back. I have two teen girls. It’s all new raising teens. I work and teach so much about birth and babies. Boy I need a class on teens.

So what happened was…my older 16 year daughter went to college early, 11th grade. It’s an amazing program, Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts. I went to help her and was planning/hoping for my younger daughter to attend the next year, since they have a great high school program. Well no. She rebelled big time. She refused to move. How was I to know? Tears. Misunderstanding. She’s angry at me. This was a first. I mean I don’t usually run my moving plans by my kids. What now?

She stayed with her Dad in California. It was the worse. I didn’t expect or plan to not live with my 13 year old daughter. Tears, depression, misery — my emotions — well I feel like I’m failing as a mom.

I got the older one settled in college and she soared. A few minor bumps, but she made the Dean’s list her first semester. Yeah! I’m kinda of in shock that she did it. Yet, I’ve always told myself to let go when the girls were ready for it. But, it’s hard. I’m in a life shift. My youngest is starting high school and she had a break down. I flew back to California. She’s better now. The truth is I don’t really know how to meet the needs of my kids who need different things. Sounds like an idea for a class.

Anyway, if you’re parenting teens and hitting the middle years, I can sympathize. I will be developing classes and materials to address that. We’re all into birth, which I so love, but I personally need support for raising teens and going grey. It’s awkward to talk about getting older and reaching menopause. Once I do everyone is like me too! Yet no one brings it up really. And often, when I say I’m going through menopause, many responses are no you’re not. It’s like no one wants to accept “oldness”. The message is — it’s a bad thing.

I’ve though about it and since the only other option is to not be here, then I really, really, want to get old. I’m passionate about what I do and I want to work as a childbirth professional for a long time.

As I’ve been going through the process though, I have been getting worrisome information, not enough information, or just information that is not evidence-based about how a woman’s body changes as she ages, and what are the options that are wholistic to manage these changes.

What I’ve learned from experiencing these changes is —you can live through it!

A solution or quick fix is not always the answer. I decided to just live and be patient with my body. I will spare you the details…contact me if you want to know. It was not easy, but I have not had surgery, and now my symptoms are better. Wow. No one at my medical appointments told me — Just wait 5 years and voilà.

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