i. Networking


Build your network. Go to business events in your community. If you don’t know where to begin, then start your own network of doulas where you live.

Your network does not have to be other birth professionals reach out to a mix of other professionals. At some point everyone will know some one that is having a baby. You want to be in their minds when they think about birth.

Networking is a continuous process. It doesn’t happen over night. The relationships you build will help you in months and years  down the road.

You should make it a habit to network by attending a conference, training, luncheon, etc at least every 1-2 months. Get to know others at these events. You are not selling yourself as much as getting to know others and them just getting to know you. Check your local chamber of commerce and business groups in your community. Also, search Meetups for local networking events.

Additionally, keep building relationships online. Join networking groups on Facebook and other social media sites. Answer questions and make comments. Even though you don’t live in the same place as someone on Facebook, they may get to know you and send you a referral from someone they know that lives in your area.

Remember that thing about six degrees of separation…

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