How to make money as a Birth Professional, Part 3

Invest in yourselfInvest

You have heard the saying, “To make money, you have to spend money,” and it is partly true.  However it is important to not only invest money in your career, but also invest time, patience, passion, and vision as well.

Take the time to take classes or workshops that teach you how to use social media, use the latest technology, run a business, market your business, and so forth.  Buy books that teach you new things, or spend time in the library researching, or watch educational videos online.

Invest in knowledge.

Be patient with yourself as you work as a student, learning greater skills as a doula, a midwife, a lactation consultant, a childbirth educator, etc.  If you don’t have a certain essential skill such as preparing your taxes or website design, pay some one who is highly skilled to assist you.

Take the time to nurture your soul; read books, pray, dance, listen to music, cook, create, receive kisses and hugs, receive a massage.  Invest in self care so that you have so much to give others.

Don’t rush your vision.  Take the time to think about where you are headed as a Childbirth Professional.

Be Still. Chat. Journal. Share. Visualize.

Then you will realize a return on all that you invest.

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