How to make money as a Birth Professional, Part 2

Set Goals for Birth Professionals Set Goals

Having a goal to work towards each month and taking action will push you forward and increase your income.

Think about how many sales or clients you need to have each month to be profitable, and set a goal.

Work towards your goal, for example decide to host or attend a meet the doula night every month.  This will give you the opportunity to market your services.  If you are a lactation consultant decide how many hours you need to book each day to be profitable and work towards achieving your weekly goal.

If you teach classes to families, set a goal of how many classes you need to fill each week to be profitable and work towards it.

Often we expect to make more money but don’t have a goal or plan to achieve the results we need.  Writing down a goal is the first step. Next you must write down beside your goals the action steps needed to achieve them. Take action and watch your income increase.

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