Module 7 Assignments


Part A) Breastfeeding Specialist provide basic breastfeeding knowledge and assistance. If any circumstance arises where the mother and/or babies health is a concern then the Breastfeeding Specialist must make a referral to a lactation consultant and/or physician.

Using Google Docs, make a list of circumstances when you would refer your client to a lactation consultant, pediatrician, or physician. Share this document with

Part B) Interview a mom about her breastfeeding experience past or present. Share an affirming statement from module two with her. Using Google Docs write a summary of three things you learned from interviewing her.  Share to

This completes all the modules

Briefly share

1. What you learned from the Breastfeeding Specialist Course.

2. How do you feel after taking the training?

3. Any suggestions that you may have…

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