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Midwifery Schools in California update on Community Colleges

CPI is committed to expanding midwifery care. The first step is to train midwives. Few programs exist to train students to become midwives in the United States. Since CPI is based in California we have decided to begin our work there. If you read this post it explains the current situation with access to midwifery education in California.


We think about the lack of midwifery education day and night… Our first idea was to open a midwifery school. After considering everything necessary to open a school, we weren’t sure that was the right path. Another idea was to buy a current midwifery school that is already approved by the medical board in California, and expand it. The owner of the school was difficult to contact to discuss this possibility.

And then one day a really great idea appeared…what if California community colleges offered midwifery programs. The infrastructure is already in place. Students would have access to financial aid. It is amazing that in 2016 not one California community college has a midwifery program.

So we took a week to investigate and research…this involved cold calling names we discovered on community college websites, emailing some of those contacts, and explaining the situation to those we could reach.

Good News

The emails we sent got a response back. The phone calls we made led us to reach leaders in community colleges that could take action.

So the good news is that preliminary steps are being taken now to research and begin the process of starting a 3 year distance midwifery program at American River College in Sacramento, CA. Wow!

We only began in earnest to take steps to work on this dream to expand midwifery education in June 2016. Today is September 21, 2016. That was quick!

Nothing is set; but still we can’t feel anything but joy that progress is being made for students and women. Few midwifery programs exist in the United States so this is a much needed move forward.


We fully expect that to increase midwifery degree programs it won’t be overnight. We are committed for the long haul. Our program director has even gone back to school to earn a Masters degree in Medical Education Leadership to prepare for her role building midwifery degree programs.

We will update you on our journey and the conversations and work involved to expand midwifery degree programs. Join our email list or check back to this website for the latest in our progress.

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