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Our Mission as Midwifery Advocates

Midwives and the work they do caring for pregnant families is timeless. Human history documents midwifery care back thousands of years. However, today’s generation doesn’t really know much about midwives or how empowering their care.

Midwives transform maternity care, lowering interventions and poor outcomes like induction, episiotomy, cesareans, etc. It is often said that the best skill a midwife has is to sit, knit, and wait.

We are midwifery advocates striving to:

– Teach about the amazing care that midwives provide

– Develop schools and programs so students can train to become midwives

– Expand access to midwifery care in out of hospital settings

Our focus is to advocate for certified professional midwives (CPM) or licensed midwives (LM) in the United States.

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