May Celebrates Doulas

May is International Doula Month

May Celebrates Doulas

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Ideas to Honor & Celebrate Doulas

◊ Screen a birth movie showing doula support

◊ Sponsor a spa day for doulas to be pampered

◊ Send flowers and candy to a favorite doula

◊ Host a tea, brunch or picnic

◊ Host a yoga class or belly dancing class

◊ Plant a garden

◊ Set up doula information tables in colleges, libraries, hospitals, or community centers

◊ Plan a walkathon, bikeathon, swimathon, marathon, or skateathon to raise money for families that cannot afford doula fees

◊ Have a yard sale, bake sale, or car wash to raise funds

◊ Publish a free doula directory for your city or community

◊ Create a doula scholarship fund to pay for education and training of new doulas

◊ Host a birth circle to share birth stories and doula experiences

Childbirth Professionals International invites you to email and share your doula stories to To start your story complete one of of the following phrases:

My first experience as a doula was…

My doula made my experience…

Selected stories will be read on our podcast through the month of May.

Happy International Doula Month!