May Celebrates Doulas

Happy Doula Month Ideas

Ideas to Honor & Celebrate Doulas

May is International Doula Month. The following are ideas to celebrate.

◊ Screen a birth movie showing doula support

◊ Sponsor a spa day for doulas to be pampered

◊ Send flowers and candy to a favorite doula

◊ Host a tea, brunch or picnic

◊ Host a yoga class or belly dancing class

◊ Plant a garden

◊ Set up doula information tables in colleges, libraries, hospitals, or community centers

◊ Plan a walkathon, bikeathon, swimathon, marathon, or skateathon to raise money for families that cannot afford doula fees

◊ Have a yard sale, bake sale, or car wash to raise funds

◊ Publish a free doula directory for your city or community

◊ Create a doula scholarship fund to pay for education and training of new doulas

◊ Host a birth circle to share birth stories and doula experiences

Happy International Doula Month!