i) Your Logo

Logo-TemplateAs you develop your brand think about what logo would match.

A logo is a useful tool to represent your brand…A logo is not required.

Logos are placed on business cards, on websites, any place that your business name may go, and on all your social media accounts like Twitter and Pinterest.

If you are focusing your brand in a personal direction then your own image could serve in place of a logo. If you decide to use a photo of yourself be sure that it looks professional.

Keep in mind your logo may be your client’s first impression of your business.

To create a logo follow these steps…


Search and find 3-5 logos that you like and are an idea for something similar you wish.

Find website links to these examples if you can.


What 2-3 colors would be idea for your logo?

Use this color picker tool to try out different colors and also record their html codes to use for your design.


What words describe your logo…

Will you include any words as part of your logo?


What images or shapes would be idea for your logo?

Jot down thoughts on Practicals Notepad

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