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The pain or intensity of childbirth is not so easily measured by a variety of faces in varied degrees of smiles and frowns. The question asked in labor should not be where are you on the pain scale, but how can you be assisted to cope. When women are offered support using coping techniques such as breathing variations, showers or baths, music, massage, position changes and many more, then these decrease the intensity of labor and allow women to cope better. 

Childbirth Professionals International is excited to announce the upcoming release in November 2023 of the Awbay HELPLabor™ Coping Scale App.

This tool will be available in both the Apple and Google Play stores. Additionally, it will be offered as a web app and will be accessible on all devices.

The Awbay HELPLabor™ Coping Scale App will replace the previous Labor Coping Scale paper assessment tool and will be easy to use for maternity care nursing staff, doulas, and even family members. The basic function of the app will be to not only assess coping during labor, but also to offer suggestions on how the user can take specific actions to increase coping.

What is innovative about the Awbay HELPLabor™ Coping Scale App is that it tracks the state of coping for a person in labor during 50 minute segments of time.  This helps to identify and record what type of H.E.L.P. was provided. This 50 minute increment may be repeated, so that over the course of labor the state of coping is measured, and additionally the specific coping strategies implemented are charted. 

Awbay HELPLabor

Measuring pain during labor is not as useful as assessing the state of coping and then implementing coping techniques.

The HELPLabor™ App will provide reports for each user such as a labor nurse, doula, midwife, or other staff. Additionally, a report is available for each patient/person provided care during labor by staff using the App. This will allow the maternity care team or birthing center to view a snapshot of how based upon strategies implemented women may transition from not coping, to coping, to coping well and between these states.

This App is HIPAA compliant. It will be able to link directly with electronic health record (EHR) systems such as EPIC and Cerner for organizations needing this feature.

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