tablet computer

Tablets or smart phones can organize your Doula Business

tablet computer


Tablet computers are an extraordinary tool for operating a Doula business.  A tablet can take video, audio, and photos which capture the moments of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Also, a tablet computer can be used as a sheet of paper to write down a client’s labor progress.

It allows Doulas to make their business paperless using pdf apps and document apps to create and complete all types of paper work and forms.  The iPad eliminates the need for faxing. Any document can be scanned and emailed, hand written notes included.

Using a database app you can organize your client information on your tablet.  You can build a virtual file of all your doula clients and have access to the information at your fingertips saving you time and making your business efficient.

It can be used to teach pregnant families about nutrition, physical changes, labor, breastfeeding and so much more using birth class apps, nutrition apps, and pregnancy apps. Through bluetooth or other wireless method you can use a TV for a larger display.  Chat by video with your clients using video chat app.

And the list goes on.  So many ways exist to use any tablet to streamline a doula or birth business.  The square app allows you to process credit cards instantly with one swipe.

Many doulas with a tablet device aren’t using the device to it’s fullest potential.

Perhaps you were thinking about purchasing an tablet, but you weren’t sure if it is the right decision. With confidence we can share that you won’t regret getting a tablet, it is the way of the future, and how business will get done.  Be ahead of the pack and use the tablet to effectively organize and operate your doula or birth business.

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