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How to have a natural birth in Sacramento

If you are pregnant and live in Sacramento, California or are planning to move here soon, then you couldn’t ask for a better place to have a natural childbirth. You will find access to a range of options, birth places, and supportive health care professionals to help you fulfill your desire to have a natural birth.

What is natural childbirth?

Each woman has her own definition of natural birth. One right answer does not exist. Some would say that if the baby was born vaginally, then that’s natural childbirth. Others might understand natural birth as not using medications.

Why do women desire natural childbirth?

Every woman has own reasons. Some women want to connect to the innate powers they hold within. They wish to trust their bodies ability to give birth. Whatever their reason their desires should be honored and affirmed, not judged. Many women wish to give birth naturally to protect their baby and bodies from the risks of medication and other interventions.

Strategies to have a natural birth

1. Select a supportive birth place

Natural birth works well when women have autonomy during labor and feel empowered to trust their bodies. Consider where you choose to give birth. Find out how many women are able to have a natural birth at this place. Some birth centers have high intervention, medication, and cesarean rates. If the rates are high you should consider finding a place with lower rates.

2. Select a supportive doctor/midwife

Natural birth works well when your doctor or midwife supports you 100%. It is important that those caring for you during pregnancy believe in natural birth. Also, your doctor or midwife should have experience with techniques that assist women to give birth naturally.

3. Learn about birth and coping techniques

Natural birth is possible when you are knowledgeable about childbirth and the labor process. Take a childbirth class, watch birth videos, listen to birth stories, research and learn as much as you can. The more you know about giving birth before hand, the less anxious you’ll be. This knowledge will increase your confidence and equip you to have a natural childbirth.

4. Have a doula by your side during birth

Women who have a doula, female friend, or female family member attend their births are more likely to be able to give birth naturally. This woman provides comfort and helps you cope through labor. She stays by your side to answer questions and make suggestions. Doulas provide guidance and strength. When you face challenges during labor, they help you overcome them.

5. Know your options

Sacramento expecting families have access to most natural birth options in their community.

  • Midwifery care
  • Homebirth
  • Waterbirth
  • Natural birth at hospital
  • Freestanding birth center
  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) at home or in hospital

Explore your options (click). You might need to put in some effort, perhaps driving out of your way, switching your doctor, or paying out of pocket. However, don’t let obstacles prevent you from planning to have a natural birth. What you will gain from the experience will out weigh any challenges.

In Sacramento we offer private childbirth classes. Sign up to learn strategies and techniques to have a natural childbirth.

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